How To Boost Innovation And Creativity?

Every company has the dream of being innovative and of having the idea of ​​the century to become the company that will be cited as the model company. But we should never be content with only envying the leaders but to put everything in place to become one. The company must constantly renew itself and be on the lookout for new ideas to develop its creativity that will allow it to stand out from other companies. How to boost your innovation and creativity to be a force for proposal?

Creativity and innovation are crowned with the idea that it is an innate gift that some receive at birth. Conversely, we can see that we can develop creativity and innovation by becoming observers of the world around us.

Always Write Down Ideas, Wherever You Are

Whatever medium you choose, write down the ideas (paper notebook, mobile notebook, etc.) that come to mind to avoid forgetting them because, in the midst of your many occupations, they will go and bury themselves at the bottom of your memory.

Do Not Try To Classify Your Ideas

Write as you go without ever rejecting any idea or idea of ​​innovation that comes to your mind. Never be selective at first because if you had to find an idea to implement, you will refer to your notes and it is only then that you will classify them. But even then, it won’t be about rejecting a single idea. A misguided idea in one context can become a relevant idea in another.

Observe The World Around You

The creativity and innovation demand as the famous Leonardo da Vinci to ask the most extravagant questions and if I could fly! How many people have dreamed of going to the moon, of having water flowing freely instead of pumping water, of having light at night, of being able to move without taking days to go from point to point and some have achieved it through the fruit of their imagination and their skills. So do not hesitate to write down even the most extravagant ideas but also the means to achieve them. How to do ?

Never Curb Your Imagination

Those who let their minds wander often manage to create creative and original works. Contrary to popular belief, dreamers can quite achieve immense feats. They manage to come up with more new ideas than others because of the very evasive nature of their minds. It is often observed in children who express their imaginations aloud without restraint and without taking into account the eyes of others or their judgment. They arrive with a simple cardboard to create a fantastic world. However, we are all grown-up children!

Knowing How To Take Time For Yourself

Anguish, anxiety, stress linked to environmental contingencies undoubtedly limit our capacity for reflection. In order to avoid their harmful effects, take time, go to a show, go for a walk in nature, get out of your daily environment because nothing is more conducive to the development of ideas. Staying locked in an office all the time is a source of blocking your creativity. Before designing any work, get in touch with the outside world. To find better inspiration, working outside your working environment can be a reliable and very effective way. And then travel! Being confronted with other universes, with other conceptions shows us that the imagination of humans is limitless.

Green Businesses Are On The Rise

Many companies have understood this with the health crisis, the French are very aware of the dangers caused by pollution and are determined to protect their health. They will turn away from any business that does not display the values ​​of respect for the dignity of life. Focus on the attitude to develop.

Eco-Responsibility As A Mark Of Differentiation

Renowned companies in France wanted to invest in the concept of eco-responsibility. The famous Société Générale bank launched its carbon neutrality program in 2007 and has since reduced its CO2 emissions by imposing an internal carbon tax. It consists of taxing the businesses within the group according to their CO2 consumption, at a rate of 10 euros per tonne. This policy, which generates money for the group, then made it possible to finance ecological initiatives within the company. Société Générale is one of the first green companies in France since its action dates back more than ten years. Thanks to it, the group saved 95 million euros and 38,000 tonnes of CO2 were avoided. This example makes it possible to establish the correlation between the rise of these practices and the economic gain generated. Contrary to popular belief, practicing an eco-responsible policy is not an economic loss for a company. Investing in such practices can be financially complicated, but generates long-term profitability.

Invest In Eco-Innovations

Eco-innovations are proof of this, they have succeeded in playing their own “fair trade” side and have been able to convince. For several years, car brands have been launching into the electric market in France and abroad. The American brand Tesla has stood out in recent years thanks to the production of electric sedans. Elon Musk has understood and won over consumers and the brand is on the rise. Several sectors are affected by this expansion. The renewable energy sector is booming. It is trying to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions but the fossil fuel market with its very low rates is slowing its growth. This economic reality can in fact slow down companies from embarking on eco-responsibility.

Abuses To Be Regulated

Some companies have understood this well and are abusing it. This policy will harm their image in the long term. These for the sake of communication benefit from the eco-label without being eco-responsible. Called “green-washing”, this dishonest practice among consumers seems common. In Mexico City, for example, a new airport is trying to be known as carbon neutral! A detail which does not necessarily impact the market but which can break consumer confidence. To promote innovative companies around renewable energies, the ENGIE company has launched calls for projects with its ENGIE Lab site.